COVID-19 And The National Guard Deployment 2020

Hearing about the National Guard deployment in 2020 is making Americans question what the government is doing. Is the deployment necessary? Will this eventually lead to Martial Law?

Let’s discuss more about this matter below.

National Guard Deployment 2020: How Good or Bad Is It?

There are 35,000 cases and growing in New York currently. It is estimated that New York could see a peak of around 140,000 cases. They are struggling to meet the need for hospital beds and ventilators that are extremely essential when this virus reaches its peak in the state.

The government has pulled out every trick in its book to contain the contaminations. We aren’t exactly sure what they are trying to do, but it all has a serious effect on the lives of the people of this nation. The American people do not have enough information, and they are getting more scared and nervous rather than less.

Donald Trump has even signed an executive order that will make hoarding “virus” supplies illegal. There has been no description of what virus supplies are, outside of a “warehouse of surgical masks,” but this is a language that incites more fear, particularly among preppers.

Are We Headed for Martial Law?

In this vacuum of information, we are also hearing about things like the National Guard being deployed to cities and localities that need help. Many people are looking at this move as a means to institute some form of Martial Law.

Martial Law is one of the prepper boogeymen we all worry about. We imagine scenes where body armored goons and tanks roll up and down our streets — a scenario where we have been disarmed and our preps taken while we struggle to feed our families.

That has been a storied fear in many prepper novels. This virus and the government overreach seem like the perfect environment to do things like disarm the population and crush them with radical tyranny.

One thing to remember about Martial Law is that it’s a numbers game. There aren’t enough authorities out there to confidently affect all the states in the union. There are too many of us. If you are in a big city, you will see the National Guard.

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What Is the National Guard Deployment 2020 For?

Do not look at these people as the enemy. We have a clear enemy in the virus. The National Guard is being deployed for very specific tasks. These tasks include building hospitals for areas that don’t have enough beds. They are also going to help hand out aid in affected areas.

The National Guard will not be standing at your front door with a rifle to make sure you don’t leave your home. It’s just not the best use of the force. There aren’t enough people to do that, and the effect wouldn’t be worth the resource.

There are plenty of things to worry about, but the National Guard rolling into town is not one of them. Introduce yourself and be very cordial because these people are here to help. Don’t forget, these National Guard members are also your neighbors!

How Should Preppers Deal with This Situation

As the virus spreads, we are going to see different states reach peaks at different points in time. The need for resources will explode exponentially, and you need to prepare for that. While this strange lockdown or slow down has pumped the brakes on resources in your area, you are going to see similar effects as your area hits its peak of infection.

As preppers, now is the time for us to focus on all the things we have planned for! Keep prepping. Keep expanding on food sources, food storage, keep practicing with firearms, establish community plans for security, and be prepared to act if you need to.

Pay close attention to local intelligence and the nearest city to you as their situation will dictate much of the actions your state takes.

We have been ready for these SHTF symptoms for a very long time. This is just the first real test we preppers have faced. The world hasn’t faced a threat like this. As preppers, we are in the best position people can be.

Where you can be most effective is keeping a level head and being prepared to help. Don’t hide from this thing. For so long, preppers are trained to hide. Now is the time to help.

Stay Calm But Aware

We are in the midst of a real SHTF scenario. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Between the infection rates that have hardly kicked off yet and the situation with people who are out of work and not getting an answer from the government, the nation is gripped in panic.

That won’t change for a while, which is why I am calling on the preppers to keep a level head. The National Guard Deployment 2020 is not Martial Law despite what they tell you on social media. Your county or city is going to need all the help it can get.

Watch the government closely and beware of being locked down in a dangerous area. If things get worse in a hurry, travel restrictions could make it nearly impossible for you to bugout. Stay ahead of the game and help those that you can.

This is a national paradigm shift that we are living through. Hang in there!

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