10 Survival Tips Vol. 2

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Survival is all about having the right knowledge and skill. In this video, I help out with the knowledge aspect. Here are 10 random survival tips to help you out in an urban or wilderness survival situation.

1. You can use the branches of a young pine tree as a survival toothbrush.
2. In an emergency, you can use the un-glazed bottom of a coffee mug as a very effective makeshift sharpening stone.
3. When hiking or camping in the wintertime, store your water bottle upside down. This is because if the water freezes it will free from the top down. This means when it is upside down, that the mouth will be the last part to freeze. Storing the water bottle inside your jacket will also help prevent it from freezing.
4. You can convert any water bottle or jug into omnidirectional light by wrapping a headlamp around it and shining the light inside.
5. You can turn any match into a waterproof match by covering it in candle wax first.
6. Cord management can be crucial in a survival situation and you should always wrap your cord into neat bundles.
7. If you are left with a stuborn not that you just cant undo, try grabbing the hand with both hands and twisting it back and forth.
8.When camping you are often left with small scraps of para-cord after a project, in a pinch it is possible to reattach small pieces into one large one.
9. Camping hammocks are great because of there compact size, light weight and comfort but many of them have one major flaw, and that they are paper thin and cause you to loose body heat at night. Place a yoga mat inside your hammock to provide an insulating barrier.
10. It is possible to extract water from moist soil by placing it in a sock and squeezing out the water.


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