Suture Practice Kit for Medical Students by Alcedo | Include Durable Large Suturing Pad with Pre-Cut Wounds, Tools Kit, and Suture Threads (28 Pieces) | Perfect for Practice, Demonstration, Teaching

Price: $44.95 - $28.95


Medical students need look no further than this to gain the necessary practical know-how for suturing practice in a simulated environment. Developed with an eye for detail and optimal, realistic quality, our suturing practice kit aims to deliver you the needed practice and experience medical students and even medical practitioners in need of a refresher could use to prepare themselves for the real thing.

This suture kit includes everything you need and more to practice your suturing techniques. All in one place.

  • 1┬áDurable suture practice pad
  • 2 Hegar needle holders
  • 1 Adson forceps
  • 1 Suture scissors
  • 1 Scalpel handle
  • 5 Scalpel blades packs
  • 8 Silk suture threads
  • 8 Nylon suture threads
  • 1 Convenient carry bag

In real-life, high-pressure situations where precision and expertise can make the difference between success and failure, medical students need every advantage they can get. Gain that advantage with us because:

  • This kit is perfect for training and improving your suturing skills.
  • Its high quality silicone material is durable and thicker than most other pads.
  • You get a complete kit that has all the tools and even skin, fat, and muscle imitation in order to master your craft.
  • Extensive testing with medical students has been done with this suture kit which allows us to continually improve and develop the perfect product.
  • You can realize your full potential with this kit as you step up your suturing game through constant practice.

We want a brighter future for the medical field. In envisioning a well-trained, highly professional medical practitioners for the future, we have come up with a product that can help you realize that future. A future everyone deserves.

ALL IN ONE – Our complete Suture Practice Kit includes everything you need to practice the technique of suturing. This comprehensive kit includes all the essential suture tools in one package: Suture Pad, Hegar Needle Holders, Adson Forceps, Suture Scissors, Scalpel Blade Handle, Scalpel Blades (5-pack), Suture Thread (16-pack), and Convenient Carry Bag – 28 pieces.
DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY – The durable, reusable, and high-quality suture pad is designed to replicate the anatomical structure of human tissue. It provides three layers to provide the best human tissue simulation possible: Skin, Fat, and Muscle. The suture pad also features an improved built-in “mesh layer” between the skin and the fat layers. This feature improves the durability of the suture training pad and prevents rips of the skin layer for the most realistic simulation.
LIFE-LIKE TEXTURE – The life-like textures are presented in a variety of wounds, and the high-quality silicone suture pad is extremely realistic to help students learn the proper process for closing wounds. It allows for practicing suturing techniques with the most authentic and true-to-life conditions possible. The suture pad comes with 14 wounds of 10 types and has sufficient space for additional cuts. This large (17 cm x 13 cm) pad will last and serve you for a long time
CARRY IT ALL – We provide a sturdy, yet lightweight compact carrying bag to hold all items in the practice kit. It allows for conveniently transporting the components in one, secure carrier and allows for optimum organization in the busy life of exams, studies, and teaching.
TESTED AND IMPROVED – Extensive testing with medical students has been done with our Suture Practice Kit which allows us to continually improve and develop the perfect product. This complete suture set is perfect for the medical or veterinary students, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant in training. It is also ideal for teaching demonstrations and practice before starting a residency or a permanent job in the medical field.

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