The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide: A Common Sense, Step-By-Step Handbook To Prepare For and Survive Any Emergency

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With a special chapter added on dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus/COVID-19) as of March 2020.

From events like the coronavirus (pandemic) to wildfires to floods to earthquakes and more, this book shows you in detail how to prepare, step by step and then deal with disasters.

The definitive guide to prepare for and survive any emergency or disaster. (Updated January 2020). This is the manual for neophytes who don’t know where to begin and experienced preppers who want insight and tactics from the elite Special Forces. (Newly updated and revised).

This book lays out how to prepare for and survive from mild, to moderate, to extreme emergencies in a logical flow that moves from initial preparation you must do now through more advanced work, to action in the actual emergency.

From the very first page you will be more prepared. The book covers the Special Forces Area Study, the essential step that allows you to tailor your preparation for your specific situation and saves wasted energy and valuable time.

It then goes into preparation with specific actions and gear you need, starting with the basics we all should have, then delving into more advanced and specific. QR codes (print) and hyperlinks (eBook) direct you to examples of what you need, taking the confusion out of the process. Direct links to free Apps and informative web sites that can be life-saving and useful in everyday life are included.

Checklists for all preparation are in the book and in an appendix at the end with a downloadable link so you can keep track.

Additional topics:
How to build your survival A-Team.

The five key elements of survival: Water, food, first aid, shelter, and fire.
The places for which to plan, including home, work, school, and traveling.
The grab-n-go bag.

Then the book moves into actual survival starting with the first five things to do in an emergency. Water and food procurement. Building shelter. Fire starting. Navigating and tracking. Specific environments. First Aid.
Then man-made threats and natural disasters are covered, one by one. Next, ‘bugging out’ and the hide site. A key stage, scavenging, ignored in other survival manuals, is covered in detail under stockpile, scavenge and sustain.

This is a book that can save your life and the life of those you love.

The author is a former Green Beret and taught for many years at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School, which trains Special Operations and included the SERE School (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape). He wrote this book for the civilian who needs to know where to begin and how to proceed in a time and cost-effective manner. He has been in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, Psychology Today, Sports Illustrated, the Discovery Channel, the SyFy Channel and more.


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