Planning For Phase II Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re already in the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we must all prepare for what’s to come: Phase II and III. Let’s talk about these phases below!

COVID-19 Pandemic Phase II | What to Expect

Where We Are At Now

Here in America, we are headed for 150,000 cases and the infections seem to be at a sprint! The world is approaching 1 million cases. Now, we are looking at a situation that is big but the virus itself is not that big, yet. 

For the most part, we have been watching the COVID-19 pandemic from a distance. We saw it run through China, and then we watched it move into Europe, and now it’s here.

Still, it’s been mostly removed from the population. Even though New York has 60,000 cases the rest of the state has not seen the bulk of those cases. 

We got frantic as the first cases moved into our state, city or town. In Phase II, we will get a much more intimate COVID-19 experience, and it’s important to be prepared for that. 

The Infections Will Rise and Rise 

In Phase II, everyone is going to face the effects of high infection rates in their area. We will see thousands if not tens of thousands of cases in counties and cities all over this nation. 

The big word in Phase II will be PEAK. What will the peak look like in your city or town? Once the infection rate has peaked, we will be able to see it start to go down.

However, it doesn’t mean the infections are over after the peak it just means instead of 2000 cases per day, we will see 1500 per day and then maybe 1300 and so on.

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The Second Wave of Panic 

There will be another panic. This issue with the COVID-19 pandemic is much different than something like a hurricane. We often see one serious panic before a big event and then people deal with the event. 

As cases rack up in your local area it will influence government restrictions, resources, policing and the overall feel of security in your area. This will likely create a second panic. 

Hopefully, as a prepper, you aren’t part of that panic. Hopefully, you are prepared to weather this storm. Still, you might want to keep tabs on things as they spiral out of control.

Try out the Broadcastify app, which will allow you to monitor first responders’ radios in your area. This will give you another data set and deeper intelligence on behavior in your city or community. 

What Could Phase III Look Like? 

If we are preparing for Phase II, then it only makes sense that there will be a Phase III. Of course, the further out we get in this phase thought process, the more shrouded things become. Let’s have a look at what could be in a potential Phase III of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the local and world economies taking a hit from lockdowns and panic, we are undoubtedly headed to a time of scarcity. We don’t know how far-reaching that is but the Chief Economist at the UN thought it important enough to make this declaration:

“Coronavirus is affecting the labour force and the logistical problems are becoming very important…We need to have policies in place so the labour force can keep doing their job. Protect people too, but we need the labour force. Major countries have yet to implement these sorts of policies to ensure that food can keep moving.”

Much of what Phase III presents will have to do with the number of infections and how they affect the people who grow, pick, and ship the food. No matter how it works out, I think we will see all sorts of shortages. 

Phase III may also be the start of a true economic collapse on a world scale. It seems like we cannot have shortages without an accompanying collapse of the global economy.

Phase III may see a decrease in infection rate, but other problems could present themselves. Plan for LONG term disruptions. 

Lean On to Hope

There are a lot of optimistic voices out there. We need those. Hope is very important in a situation like this.

With hope, we also need reason and preparedness. We must be ready for ripples that the COVID-19 pandemic is creating. 

The infection rate and the recovery of our population are but one issue in all of this. I think we will see very notable phases of this COVID-19 pandemic and its residual effects.

These will be economic, food and resource availability,  and a possible war. I am very interested to see how this all shakes out with China at the epicenter. 

For preppers the mission is simple. At best we have the greatest SHTF training situation of our lifetime. We should continue to prep and activate some of those lofty protocols that we have always proclaimed would be a part of our SHTF response.

If that means trapping meat or keeping rabbits or maybe trying that hydroponics system, then you should be doing that now. 

Worst case scenario we will see a true SHTF scenario in all parts of the nation due to the virus and coinciding economic collapse. In either case, we need to be ready. 

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