10 Reasons All Preppers Should Carry a Multi Purpose Tool

What are the things you carry each day? What does your EDC look like? As preppers, we must fight the urge to buy more gear. Something about a quality knife and a new bag that just drives us crazy. You might be missing out on something great. Have you considered a multi-purpose tool for your EDC?

Let’s look at 10 reasons all preppers should carry a multitool. 

The Many Uses of a Multi-Purpose Tool

1. Knife Blade

One of the most important tools in a survival kit is the knife blade. This tool is used for cutting, carving, making tinder, sparking Ferro rods and much more.

While the knife blade on your multitool might not be your go-to survival blade, it is a blade, nonetheless.

Don’t be fooled by stone blades, they are an investment in time and skill. Carrying a multitool as an extra knife blade is a great option.

2. Pliers


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From tightening bolts to removing hooks from the mouths of fish, you will find your pliers serving all kinds of purposes in the prepping and survival world. I have used pliers to tighten down paracord and create knots that are as sure as a knot can be. 

3. Open Food

As preppers, we stock our pantry with canned foods. Hopefully, you have a few can openers in your home just in case one stops working.

Having a manual can and bottle opener, which is standard in most multitools, will give you another option for opening food and drink. 

4. Gear Repair

If you spend lots of time in the woods or if you put your gear through the torture test, you will find that it needs repairs. This could come in the form of screws needing to be tightened or even entire handles being replaced. 

A multi-purpose tool will give you all the implements you need to make that happen. It won’t be as easy as fixing things at home at your workbench, but you will have the options to make it happen when you need it.

Multitools also feature tools like awls which can even be used to repair materials like clothes and shoes. 

5. Survival Hygiene


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In a survival situation, it’s easy to let personal hygiene go to the wayside. You might not think it a priority, that is until you find yourself with some sort of infection due to poor hygiene or if you catch an illness from not staying clean. 

There are several tools that these multitools include that are great for hygiene. You can use the file and knife to clean nails.

The scissors can be used to trim facial hair and nails. Some even include an awl or a toothpick that can be used for dental hygiene. 

6. Tightening

These tools are all great for tightening all sorts of things. The little screws that hold on those fancy G10 grips can be tightened easily and thoroughly with your multi-purpose tool. Even simple repairs around the house can be taken care of using your multitool. 

There is serious value for the homeowner in carrying around a multitool. Fixtures, doors, windows, toys and gates can all use some fixing from time to time. 

7. Saw Blade

A good straight-edged blade is a very important part of any survival kit. It can be used for several things.

However, no matter what type of steel your blade is made from, what kind of point you have, it can never do what a serrated edge does. 

The saw blade on many multi-purpose tools is not enough to start sawing large chunks of wood into fuel, but it can be used to cut down large branches into tinder or small fuel. You wouldn’t want to ruin your straight edge blade on that kind of work. 

8. First Aid

First aid is a very important part of survival. Having the ability to dress wounds and improvise splints will make all the difference in a wilderness accident.

You need to be prepared to act in a moment’s notice. Your multitool will give you the ability to cut bandages, tape, cordage or whatever else you might need to address a traumatic event in the wild. 

9. EDC Backup


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I’m sure everyone reading this article has a high-quality EDC knife. Might look something like a Spyderco, Benchmade or a Kershaw but you got something that you carry each day.

You probably have a fixed blade bushcraft knife, too! That might only come out for camping trips. 

Well, if you lose that high-quality knife your multitool will give you an option when your first option is gone. While multitool blades are not as durable as those on bushcraft knives, you can buy something like the Gerber Center Drive, which has a substantial blade on it. 

10. Sharpening

For most knife carriers, you have a great edge on your knife and unless you are using it a lot it probably doesn’t need to be sharpened regularly. So, having a simple file or even an awl on your multi-purpose tool can allow you to hone the edge of your blade. 

If the edge is truly dull this might not help. But you can run the blade a few times on each side over that file, at a 35-degree angle, and you will get a nice honed blade that is back to where it should be. 

Just Give It a Try

The survivor’s multi-purpose tool can go a long way if you really think about how you can use it. There are some great models on the market, and you will undoubtedly find one that is perfect for you.

If you want a massive selection of tools, look at the Tool Chest by Victorinox. If you are after revolutionary design check out the Center Drive by Gerber. 

Don’t discount the multi-purpose tool in your survival loadout. It might be just what you are looking for.

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