Should You Be Scared Of An EMP Attack?

As a prepper, are you ready in case an EMP attack happens? You should always prepare for the worse. Read more about how you can prepare about it below!

Modern-Day EMP Attacks and How to Deal with It

As modern warfare advances, there are new threats to society every day. The world is already negotiating unchartered waters as we fight a global pandemic that was debatably created in a laboratory.

With major economies closed and billions of people living in fear, essentially prisoners in their homes, the argument could be made that an attack was waged on our freedoms.

But even a highly contagious virus only disrupts our daily lives to a moderate degree. Many Americans have quickly adapted to working and learning from home, and access to news and entertainment has not been interrupted.

But all of these activities hinge on one uniting factor: electricity. We are relying on our phones, tablets, and computers more than ever before.

What if our electricity was wiped out en masse?

It may sound like a plotline in an end-of-world thriller, but unfortunately, the threat is very real. EMPs, or Electromagnetic Pulses, are a burst of electromagnetic radiation following a nuclear detonation. EMPs have the power to wipe out every electronic device in the USA, simultaneously.

How EMPs Work

EMPs result from a solar flare or a nuclear weapon. Both effectively destroy the power grid, but there are factors that affect the extent of their damage.

A solar flare is also called a geomagnetic storm and could be deeply damaging much of the world.

A nuclear EMP is detonated in the sky and used as a weapon. The higher it is detonated, the more damaging it will be.

Countries with the Technology to Create EMPs

Countries With the Technology to Create EMPs | Should You Be Scared of an EMP Attack?

The United States is not the only country with the technology and the financial means to create EMPs. Russia, North Korea, China, and Iran are all capable of creating potentially devastating devices.

There are also terrorist organizations that have gained access to EMPs, but their explosions would be smaller and the effects more localized.

The threat of an EMP attack has grown tremendously, and the United States is taking very real measures to protect against one.

How EMPs Could Affect Us

Depending on the type, location, and altitude of the attack, all electronic devices could be out of commission for up to a year. That includes generators and aircraft controls. Not only would communication cease, but also lives would be lost.

Between starvation and disease, nearly all human life in the targeted area would be wiped out. Will you be ready for a world without electricity?

Steps to Take in Preparation for an EMP Attack

Steps to Take in Preparation for an EMP Attack | Should You Be Scared of an EMP Attack?

On a national level, the U.S. has made efforts to harden our electronic circuits to protect against the power surge of an EMP. There’s also moving communications equipment into large-scale bunkers.

At home, you can prepare for an EMP attack by more thoroughly stocking your home in preparation for up to a year without electricity:

  • Stock up on fuel
  • Stock food and water
  • Build a comprehensive medicine cabinet
  • Use a Faraday bag

Faraday bags protect your electronics from surges and are available in a variety of sizes.

As tensions mount throughout the world, the threat of an EMP attack increases. The best way to react is to prepare for the worst. If you live in a densely populated area or major city, you should consider your region a target and begin stockpiling essentials accordingly.

Do you have other information to share about EMP attacks? Please share it with us in the comments section!

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