Life Lessons Of Living With No Electricity

It’s pretty scary to think about living life with no electricity. Not to mention, it’s going to be very inconvenient. However, there are things to learn in this kind of situation, and we’ll talk about them below.

Things We Can Learn If There’s No Electricity

Whether you are concerned about a future where electricity might be a luxury or you are chasing the dream of off-grid living, life with no electricity can be remarkably interesting. There is a good chance that you use power without even considering it regularly.

While it might seem so far out of the realm of possibilities, living off the power grid is something lots of Americans do each and every day. In fact, it is the goal of many Americans to get completely off-grid. This could be purely from a prepper standpoint or it could be to live a life away from the distractions.

Let’s look at a few life lessons that living with no electricity will teach you. This could be the decision-maker in your own journey.

1. Firewood for Heat and Cooking Is a Lot of Work 

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Without electricity you are not going to be able to power the fans of any kind of heating system. You are also not going to power an electric stove.

There are two serious consequences here. The first being that you need to heat your fire with wood. The other being that you need to cook with wood fire or propane.

You will be dropping standing dead trees, breaking them down with a chainsaw and splitting them with a maul and ax. This is a serious process and, depending on where you live, can mean the difference between life and death.

You must stay warm and eat! The good news is you will burn some calories and build some muscle.

2. Solar Is Easy 

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It’s only getting easier, too! The reality of solar power is that it’s more accessible than ever before, cheaper, and easier to learn.

There is a bit of a learning curve with everything in life but once you understand the components and average usage for you and yours, off-grid gets a lot easier.

Enjoy the benefits of even a few solar panels.

3. Conservation Is Key 

Happy off-grid life is about shaving off the non-essentials and only using that which is most needed. It’s a better life for you from a mental standpoint and also better for the planet. When we talk about how we can make positive changes for our planet we don’t often consider the off-grid lifestyle.

Conserving water, energy and even our own time is a huge learned lesson from off-grid living.

4. There Is More to You Than You Think

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The greatest lesson to be learned from living off-grid and living without electricity is that there is so much more to you than you think. You are much tougher, smarter, and stronger than anyone has ever told you and you are capable of even MORE!

The biggest test for most people is that they are never really tested to the full extent of their being. That is the sad state of affairs in this nation.

Once you take electricity out of the equation and maybe running water, suddenly you realize that your body was designed for heavy lifting and cardiovascular 8stress. It wasn’t just put on this planet to type or sit in a desk chair all day.

There are some massive rewards in that!

5. You Forget About Things You Thought You Needed

Each day you burn up tons of electricity doing things you assume you need to. Our phones are a great example of this. You spend hours on games, podcasts and listening to music. When you live without electricity you naturally conserve energy and you start to understand how to enjoy the silence again.

You start to enjoy being happy with a simple conversation. You forget about the dopamine rush of scrolling through Instagram pretty quickly.

6. Batteries Suck

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More specifically if they don’t recharge than don’t bother. Batteries can become a massive money pit for those without electricity. While modern batteries are efficient, it’s better to seek out as many rechargeable appliances as possible.

These can be powered up by the sun and you get a much longer life out of the rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable appliances are very efficient and keep you from running back and forth to town or simply spending hundreds on a stockpile of batteries.

There are few things you cannot find that don’t recharge these days.

Are You Up for the Challenge?

There is an extremely rewarding life to be lived off the grid. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t come with some unique challenges. Life without electricity takes some getting used to. However, you will learn much more about yourself from this kind of life.

The majority of us are living a life of excess and we all could stand a little conservation. Living off-grid forces you to press the pause button on the nonessential distractions of our life.

It might be just what you are looking for.

Do you think you’re ready to live with no electricity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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