6 Self Defense Tools Every Prepper Should Have

How prepared are you in terms of defending yourself against perpetrators? Today, we’ll discuss the most important self defense tools you must have in your arsenal to save your life.

Self Defense Tools You Must Have

Crime has been down since the onset of isolation. That is a beautiful thing. If we could have a few other methods of causing crime to decrease on its own, then we wouldn’t need to write articles like these.

That said, people are ready to burst from isolation, and people are made up of all kinds. The bad guys have been locked up at home, too. Summer is fast approaching and that is a time where crime is always higher.

On top of all that we are also featuring a very uncertain future that could cause people to do things that they would not normally do. That might mean committing crimes.

Are you going to be a victim this summer?

Let’s talk about how we can be sure your answer to the above question is a resounding NO!

1. EDC Knife


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A pocketknife is something that millions of people carry. An EDC knife always gives you a legitimate self-defense tool on your person. These are also affordable and effective.

A top-quality Kershaw blade is going to cost you under $50 and will likely outlast you if you sharpen it from time to time.

A knife can be as much a deterrent as a tool to deal damage to an attacker.

2. Good Running Shoes

Good Running Shoes | Self Defense Tools Every Prepper Should Have

Mobility and agility are incredible tools in a self-defense scenario. Of course, you can only be mobile if you have the right pair of shoes on.

Sometimes, in a self-defense scenario, you need to simply run away. Running away can be the absolute best option you have. Everything that happens in a physical altercation has consequences so be aware of that.

Be prepared to run away whenever possible. A good pair of shoes is critical for that.

3. Mace

Mace | Self Defense Tools Every Prepper Should Have

One of the most effective tools for self-defense is mace. It’s easy to carry and amazingly effective. When you mention mace, some people like to say things like, “mace doesn’t work on everyone.” If I had it my way, I would immediately spray them in the face with mace.

Of course, that is not how we act in our civil society. Mace is cheap and effective, and you should have some on your person.

4. Awareness

Awareness is not one of those tools that you can buy from Amazon. This is one that requires a lot of practice but once you establish a presence of awareness, you will be able to see a situation taking form before it can ever affect you.

One of the best ways to improve awareness is to put the phone away and leave it there. You can also pay attention to crowds and people around you. You will be able to pick out suspect behavior easier and easier as time goes on.

5. Firearm

Firearm | Self Defense Tools Every Prepper Should Have

The firearm is the ultimate equalizer. In my opinion, all women should be packing heat. Considering the vast majority of women are not as strong as most men, they should be able to balance the deck with a firearm.

The threat of that stinger is enough to keep bad guys away. However, in the event that a woman is attacked by a true monster, the firearm can level the playing field and perhaps save a woman from going through something terrible like rape or even murder.

6. Training

Training | How to Defend Yourself

Probably the most important aspect of self-defense is training. You know, a bottle of mace is pretty simple to use unless you have never used it! You could easily, in a panic, spray yourself with mace and become even more of a victim.

You can become a force if you spend some time training each week. If you practice a martial art, if you fire your concealed carry weapon down range each or even if you just train physical fitness on a regular basis, you will become something different. You will literally emanate something that will keep the bad guys away.

Maybe it’s in the posture, the attitude, the build, or something energetic that we don’t understand, people will mostly leave you alone and seek out a weaker target.

When the rubber meets the road, you want to be ready to use your weapons and deliver the eliminate the threat in a hurry. Even better is if you can recognize the threat from a distance and avoid it altogether.

It’s Everyday Defense

Self-defense is not just about an SHTF scenario. Self-defense is a daily preparation. It’s something you need to consider each time you leave your home. Those who least expect it are often the ones that criminals are looking for.

This collection of tools and skills will make you a formidable target. They will make you a target that is not worth the trouble. That is exactly what you want to be. With a little practice and discipline, anyone can get there!

Good luck to ya.

Which of these things will be your go-to self defense tools? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

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