7 Best EDC Knives To Choose From

Where do you look to find the best EDC knives on the market in 2020? You can get your answers right here at Survival Life. We have compiled a list of seven knives that span quality and price range below!

Top Quality EDC Knives You Can Get Your Hands On

If you are looking to save money or just get your hands on the absolute best the market has to offer, you will find options to do that in this list. The EDC knife is an important item for everyone. It can be a utility option but is truly a self-defense weapon.

See which one of these is most appealing to you.

1. Kershaw Link


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A post shared by Justin Smith (@edc_jay5878) on Jun 2, 2020 at 8:56am PDT

My number one pick for an EDC knife, I have carried this model for years. The design is breathtaking in blue, and the blade is a drop point that is simply perfect for use, and it’s easy to sharpen. Kershaw makes incredible and affordable knives that are incredibly durable.

Another benefit of Kershaw is the fact that they offer knives that are made in America. You can buy a beautiful link here for less than $50. And it’s big enough for self-defense but delicate enough for intricate carving tasks.

2. SpyderCo Alcyone G10

Spyderco Alcyone Value Folding Knife with 2.91″ CTS BD1 Stainless Steel Blade and Durable Gray G-10 Handle – PlainEdge Grind – C222GPGY

  • A VALUE FOLDER – Spyderco offers a unique breed of knives that truly live up to their name. They are perfect for novice knife buyers and as gifts for those you might want to “convert” into knife enthusiasts.
  • SUPERIOR BLADE STEEL – The heart of the Alcyone is its full-flat-ground 2.91″ blade, which is precision machined from American-made CTS BD1 stainless steel.

SpyderCo has built a name for itself on that gnarly pointed knife blade. They are one of the more recognizable EDC knives simply by the design of the blade. Along with a unique knife blade, SpyderCo makes knives of tremendous quality

The Alcyone is one of the SpyderCo models that is built the way you would expect a SpyderCo to be built. With a nearly 3-inch blade, this value SpyderCo is perfect if you want to explore this brand without investing over $100 on a knife.

3. Benchmade Bugout


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A post shared by Tucker (@american_knife_enthusiast) on May 21, 2020 at 12:07pm PDT

Benchmade is a maker of premium American made knives. We would be silly not to mention the Bugout design that is a simple, light, and effective EDC knife. At 3.24 inches, the blade on the Bugout is long enough to get the job done. It’s a simple drop point blade which I personally favor. These blades are easy to sharpen.

Benchmade knives are all high-quality tools that would fit anyone’s EDC needs.

4. Kershaw Leek


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If you aren’t interested in a big thick blade and an overbearing EDC knife, you need to check out the Leek by Kershaw. This blade is interesting because it is thin but menacing. The 3.5-inch blade features a speed assist opening that makes some of Kershaw’s knives so great for EDC. They can literally be opened with the flick of a finger.

It’s a pokey blade. It looks like the kind of blade that was designed to slip between ribs or other violent pokey uses. The Leek is a nice little pocket knife but there is something gnarly about its design.

5. Boker Kompact


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This compact knife is a great utility blade and is tough down to the core. It’s a California legal automatic opener. The blade is just 1.8 inches in length, but it is a razor-sharp drop point blade. 5.2 inches in overall length, you are not committing to a knife that will take up much space. That is the point behind the Boker Kompact.

The Boker is 2.1 ounces and you will hardly notice this compact EDC knife as you carry it, but it will be there when you need it.

6. Kershaw 1990x

Kershaw Brawler Folding Pocket Knife (1990) with 3” Black-Oxide Finished High-Performance 8Cr13MoV Steel Blade; Black Glass-Filled Nylon Handle Scales with Reversible 4-Position Pocketclip; 3.9 oz

2,618 Reviews

Kershaw Brawler Folding Pocket Knife (1990) with 3” Black-Oxide Finished High-Performance 8Cr13MoV Steel Blade; Black Glass-Filled Nylon Handle Scales with Reversible 4-Position Pocketclip; 3.9 oz

  • 3” tanto style blade made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel features excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance with black-oxide finish
  • Handle features black glass filled nylon scales, flipper, SpeedSafe assisted opening, thumb studs, 4-position pocketclip and secure liner lock

The Kershaw 1990x used to be called the Brawler and this knife holds a special place in my heart. This was the first Kershaw I ever purchased, and I fell in love with the brand from that moment on. This knife was the first time I experienced the speed safe assisted opening that really should be standard on all pocket knives.

The 3-inch blade is fitted into a glass nylon handle. The whole knife is that ominous tactical black which some of you love. The overall length is just over 7 inches. This is also one of the most affordable blades that Kershaw makes.

7. CRKT Squid


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This is an interesting, portly, folding knife that looks kinda silly at first glance. If you are one of these guys who loses their mind over “balance” in your knife, then forget about the CRKT Squid. The design is not a great one in terms of balance. That doesn’t mean it’s not a great EDC knife.

The CRKT Squid is a budget knife and costs under $20. The type of steel is not of the highest quality though still perfect for daily use. The 2.25-inch blade sandwiches into the 3.5-inch housing and creates a compact EDC knife that almost anyone can afford.

EDC Knives Are Worthy Investments

A quality EDC knife is one that will be there to assist you in all your adventure. Be them work, home life or adventure, an EDC knife should be there for you and ready for anything, but it shouldn’t be a burden. These knives are all great candidates.

If you are looking for value and quality, we have that on this list in knives like the CRKT Squid and the Kershaw 1990x Brawler. If you want the best, well, we have those on this list, too. Invest in your EDC and be prepared at home or away. It’s getting wild out there!

Do you already have an EDC knife from this list that you fancy? Tell us which one and why in the comments section!

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