10 Preps To Buy With The Next COVID Stimulus

It looks like the second round of COVID stimulus is coming from the government. How can you use this wisely? Here are 10 preps you’d want to purchase with that money.

Prep Better with the Upcoming COVID Stimulus

I’m not sure how you feel about that. I can tell you that receiving this money from the government is a very personal situation. It is not a black and white thing.

As preppers, we are going to want to be effective with that money. Now, you could save the money to pay bills later but for how far along is “later”?

How long will that money in your bank account have the value it used to. We are creating electric money in amounts that will crush our currency value, eventually.

In fact, if we couldn’t physically print this amount of money with our current infrastructure. We would need great warehouses, machinery, and new sources of paper to push out TRILLIONS of dollars.

Investing in things like ammo and food secures value because these items will always have value no matter the fate of the U.S dollar.

1. Ammo

Ammo | Preps to Buy with the Next COVID Stimulus

Ammo is what it is. We do not want to use our firearms but if the worst-case scenario happens, we need to have the ammo and the training to protect ourselves and the people we love.

Ammo is scarce now, and it is overpriced at the moment. That is unnerving, but I wouldn’t recommend waiting till there is nothing left to buy, and you truly need that ammo.

2. Food

As far as I am concerned, you can never have enough long-term food storage. The difference between someone who is desperate in SHTF and someone who is surviving can be as simple as stored rice and beans.

Trucks will not make deliveries to cities and towns that are a threat to their health and safety. That means no more food is coming in.

3. Backup Power


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Whether the lights go out because of a storm or a terrorist attack or even an EMP, we need a solution for getting our devices and appliances back up and running. Namely things like cellphones, refrigerators, and any life-saving hardware that we need.

You should be able to afford a portable gas generator or even a small solar generator for when the power goes out.

4. Heating Solutions

As I write this, there is sweat beading on my brow. It is summer and we are hot. In no time at all, the leaves will be changing and we will be shifting into the cold weather.

Backup heating in the form of firewood, tools to process wood, small space heaters, kerosene heaters, and so on should be part of your preparedness inventory.

It only takes a few long nights without heat to understand how important it will be to heat your home if HVAC systems, electricity or the entire grid is compromised.

5. Security Investments

Security Investments | Preps to Buy with the Next COVID Stimulus
Clip On Helmet/Hat Light image by Uncle Judd’s

This is an extremely broad topic. Security investments can be anything from home security deterrents to actual firearms purchases.

You should be carrying a firearm in these polarizing times. If you don’t have a firearm to carry that is a worthy investment.

You might invest in security gear and add lighting to firearms, helmets. Perhaps lighting is something you would like to increase around the home along with cameras. All great options.

Check out this quality clip-on helmet light from Uncle Judds!

6. Backup Light

Backup Light | Preps to Buy with the Next COVID Stimulus
Hybeam Small Lantern image by Uncle Judd’s

Light for inside the home is just as important and there are several lanterns or solar lights that can brighten things. Just be sure you have a solution for when the power goes out.

Check out this Hybeam Small Lantern!

7. Water Filtration


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A family-style, large scale water filter is important as are smaller water filtration models that can be great on the go. An investment in water harvesting and filtration is one that will literally save your life if taps were to run dry or you were forced out to a bugout location.

8. Evacuation Planning

Preppers invest a lot of money in bugout bags and bugout locations, but we are rarely prepared for a short notice short term bugout.

Having money, documentation, and a hotel on speed dial could make for an amazingly comfortable evacuation. Evacuation planning involves having enough money, at a moment’s notice, to spend about a week at a hotel.

9. DIY Food Storage Supplies

While you can buy your food already bucketed up to stack and store for emergency, you should look into the DIY. It is important that you can duplicate the food storage process and to do that you will need an inventory of 5-gallon buckets, 1-gallon mylar bags, and oxygen absorbers.

10. Fishmox


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A remarkably interesting prep is having antibiotics on hand. You cannot get a prescription for antibiotics in advance, but you can get your hands-on pet antibiotics.

They are made on the same production lines and if you know how to administer them, they could save lives. Now is the time to procure them. Its not just about illness but its also about cuts and scrapes.

Prepping for SHTF

I know it feels dirty or gross to take money from the government. To understand that, you are going play a small part in the rapidly growing debt is tough on the soul.

However, the COVID stimulus is coming to you, and it’s coming to help you out during hard times. Maybe you aren’t living through hard times now, but you can use that money to prepare for the hard times that are coming.

Trust me, they are coming.

What are your plans for the next COVID stimulus? Share it with us in the comments section!

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