How to Make Primitive Stone Tools

Knives are just one of the staple applications any decently organized man or woman will preserve with them at all times. You do not have to be a Prepper or a Survivalist to comprehend the price of a knife in day-to-day lifestyle, and clip 1 to your waistband in advance of you leave the dwelling each day.

But what if you located your self in a predicament without having your knife? Or you have been in some way remaining with only one knife, and you didn’t want to use it for a particularly messy job?

Recognizing how to make primitive stone tools will appear in helpful if you at any time locate on your own in a extended-expression SHTF condition. You won’t be in a position to pop in excess of to the hardware retailer for a new blade, and above time it’s easy to misplace or crack the ones you have.

Earning your very own sharp instruments is not tough, whilst it takes follow to perfect your system. If you ever locate you in have to have of a razor-sharp edge, you may perhaps be surprised how available they are to you. You never have to truly feel poor about making use of and disposing of these blades since you can usually make additional when you want them!

Select the Appropriate Variety of Rock

Choose the Right Kind of Rock | How to Make Primitive Stone Tools

Not all rocks will very easily splinter into the sharp edges that you are going to have to have you are most likely to locate the appropriate styles next to a stream or river. Flint, chert, jasper, chalcedony, quartz, and obsidian all make for efficient reducing tools.

If you’re not properly-versed in identifying types of rocks (oh, you didn’t major in Geology?), search for:

  • good grained stones with a regular texture
  • rocks that have the best pitch when tapped
  • stones that do not have current cracks or fissures

Nevertheless not positive? Commence testing unique rocks and see what results you get. Around time, you will realize the types that have come to be successful resources for you.

Chopping Stone Generation Procedures

When you are breaking rocks apart, keep in mind that they are really challenging and unpredictable. You will want to shield your eyes and your pores and skin to prevent probably debilitating injuries.

Rock Bash

Rock Bashing is a incredibly rudimentary way to create sharp flakes of rocks. Lay out your potential slicing software rocks on the floor, and uncover a considerably larger, heavier rock (but you need to be equipped to raise it previously mentioned your head). Throw the massive rock at the modest rocks till they splinter, and check what varieties of parts you have established.

Bipolar Percussion


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This is the most powerful way to crack a stone into two useable parts.

Uncover a huge stone to act as the anvil underneath your probable cutting tool stone. Stand your subject stone up tall on the anvil rock, and strike it tricky with a big hammer stone.

The hammer stone should be at minimum 5x bigger than the topic stone.

It need to only get a several excellent strikes to build sharp parts that are instantly useable.

Percussion Flaking

Flints, cherts, obsidians, and glass can all be flaked by placing their edges with your hammer stone.

This is a more controlled way to form the edge into a flat spear. It is also a lot more tough, as most rocks are also brittle or too dense to flake.

There are couple of more universally important equipment than a knife, and you need to keep many knives of various lengths, as well as a sharpener to preserve the blades razor-sharp. But if you uncover by yourself in want of an successful cutting edge, you can drop back again on these tried out-and-legitimate solutions of building your individual.

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