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About: the crazy scientist young survivor tool kit comes equipped with everything you might need to be a “survivor of the fittest! ” use the magnifying glass to create fire, or discover what else you might do with basic supplies while out in nature. Use this science toolbox To discover MORE about the natural world and how you can survive in it. The Purple Cow the crazy scientist lab young survivor science experiment kit for kids helps kids feel connected to nature. Help them Use the basic ingredients and tools provided in the kit to create magic while outdoors. Help them learn how to be “survivor of the fittest” By guiding them to answer questions like ‘how do you start a fire without matches?’ or ‘how do you distill drinking water?’ and many more. With this stem/ steam learning kit, kids will engage with science in a whole new fun way- through practical and simple science experiments using all the provided equipment in addition to some basic household supplies. What’s inside? The crazy scientist science lab kit comes equipped with all the necessary equipment excluding some common household items. It includes a clear guide accompanied with photos of the processes as well as fascinating scientific explanations & facts. The kit includes a magnifying glass, cup, ceramic magnet, foam-bead, climbing rope, sand, gravel, wooden stick, needle, thread, round beads, Bugle beads, a black napkin, solar stove cut-out and sundial cut-out. Some of the parts inside are deemed hazardous and require adult supervision. Created for kids 8 years and older. Warning: includes parts which may be dangerous to young children. To be used under adult supervision only. Keep out of reach of young children and animals. Store the kit out of reach of young children. Whether used individually or for group teaching the crazy scientist lab science kits for young researchers are perfect for homeschooling or as classroom aids and are ideal for STEM/ steam engagement activities. Make kids love science again! The Purple Cow crazy science for kids sets help children learn how to formulate theories, ask the right questions, experiment and analyze results. It’s a great way to enter the world of STEM/ steam and exploration through easy to follow experiments. Challenge your kid’s minds and help them make fascinating discoveries using the magic of science. It is a great science learning kit which can be used at home, at school, on the go, and at parties… These science projects for kids are sure to keep them busy for hours of learning and engaging with STEM/ steam activities. As an educational learning kit for kids, Each package comes with instructions and images to explain the task at hand. Each experiment is designed to help kids learn about the world around us by questioning and research. Experiments are conducted either by themselves or with parental supervision. Try all of the experiments or progress bit by bit, come back when you feel ready for a challenge… The learning can never really stop! Whether you do it by yourself or with your friends, parents or teachers, there’s so much you can learn by playing with the crazy scientist lab. The timing of each experiment depends on the child’s level of comprehension and ability. Some experiments may take seconds While others could take several hours or even days. The crazy scientist is an ideal kid science learning kit for homeschooling, as a classroom aid or for STEM/ steam learning and experiments. The experiments are cleverly designed to be fun, engaging and simple. No need for TV, computers or cell phones. This scientific experiments’ toolkit has you covered for hours of learning and experimenting. Get ready to answer some fun questions! This science learning set also makes a great gift. Whether it’s for Christmas, New Years, Halloween or just any day in between. Give the gift of science and research to the young boys and girls in your life and watch them grow with new knowledge. Recommended age for these kits is generally 8-15, although we’ve seen many parents get very involved in the process and love it as much as their children! This particular kit requires adult supervision and is designed for kids 8+ About us: The Purple Cow was founded in Australia. We are game designers, developers, and manufacturers. These days Our Company operates with two headquarters in MD, USA and Caesarea, Israel. Our central warehouse is based in Maryland and we are shipping games to over 40 countries worldwide. As a family business, we want our kids to grow with exposure to science and these hands-on experiments do just that. It’s not an easy task to grab the attention of this generation. To meet this end, We strive to create educational content that will be fun and creative and fascinating. We use distinct designs which we create with our in-house artist, Inna seminar. We try to mix up a variety of materials and strive to deliver value on a budget. We thank you for your continuous support and promise to continue to innovate and excite. Bring home the fun and learning experience of The Purple Cow and let us know how it goes with your kids! We’d love to hear from you.

Young Survivor: this crazy scientist “Young Survivor” experiment kit is great for kids who love the outdoors and want to learn more about survival in the wild.
Awesome science experiments for kids science projects: The crazy scientist experiments are science experiments for kids 6-8 (with some parental guidance) or science experiments for kids 9-12 (independent).
Science experiments for kids: Learn how to generate water from plants, how light a fire without matches, how to build a solar stove and many other awesome experiments ! (over a dozen experiments in this kit).
Experiment and learn: immerse kids in a world of curiosity, learning and adventures with this all-inside kit. With tools, explanations, and details to guide them through.
Science kit for home, school or parties: The crazy scientist lab series of science projects for kids help kids think through problems, find solutions and analyze their findings. Use these kits as learning aids or for experiments at home or at school or as educational engagement at parties. Engage in hours of creativity and scientific exploration.
Merge with nature: like a young scout, help kids connect their inner naturalist drive by working with and utilizing natural resources.
Challenge and engage: challenge your kid’s mind and give them the magic of discovering new things through experimentation and questioning.


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