RediTape 10937 Travel, Camping, Photography and Emergencies | Pocket Size, 3-Pack, Green, Orange, Yellow

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Product Description RediTape is a convenient pocket sized 5 yard “roll” of high quality duct tape! This multi-purpose duct tape can be used for home, outdoors, travel, on the Job, survival, and emergency purposes. RediTape can be conveniently stored anywhere for easy access when you need a little or even a lot of duct tape. The multi-purpose function combined with the ability to store everywhere makes RediTape the perfect shape for everyday convenience. From the Manufacturer Danco is one of the largest plumbing repair, replacement and remodel suppliers in the home improvement industry. We are largely focused on empowering Do It Yourself consumers with affordable plumbing products and solutions which create new and refreshing décors for bathrooms and kitchens.DUCT TAPE MULTI-PACK – This colored duct tape pack includes orange duct tape, green tape, and yellow duct tape. Perfect use for craft tape, scrapbook tape, or any decorative duct tape to create colorful duct tape designs.
TRAVEL SIZE DUCT TAPES – This duct tape pocket size bonds fast to surfaces and has a high tack while maintaining a smooth delivery. It’s perfect to keep in your purse, gym bag, car, or emergency kit.
GAFFER TAPE – This travel size duct tape is the perfect balance between performance and functionality. The flat shape ensures it doesn’t take up more room than it has to and the bright colors are a great addition.
TRY IT ANYWHERE – Everyone knows that duct tapes hold the world together. Use it for camping, hiking, fishing, school, cycling, travel, emergencies, auto and crafts. the flat packaging weighs in under 2 oz.
STRONG AND DURABLE – The sticky tack is incredibly strong and surprisingly easy to tear with bare hands. The perfect balance between solution and ease-of-use.
Dimensions: 5 yards x 1. 88 inches of multipurpose duct tape with a tape thickness of 9 millimeters
Assortment of (3) fluorescent bright colored duct tape: orange, yellow, and green


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