RISEN Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blankets (8 Pack) – Retains 90% of Body Heat, High Reflective Space Safety Blanket – Ideal Supply for Survival, Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, Marathons or First Aid

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· When people prepare for emergencies, they usually think of survival food and emergency water storage first, which is natural and practical preparation. 

But what many forget is the need to preserve your body heat in an emergency or survival situation.

· Exposure can kill a person in mere minutes. So without a way to protect yourself, it won’t matter how many dehydrated meals stash, or how much water 

you’ve stored.

· Staying warm is a key factor in surviving such a perilous situation. Hypothermia is no joke.

Stay ready for natural disasters and other emergency situations with Risen Emergency Rescue Blanket. This item is:

· Originally designed by NASA and used in all different weather conditions, waterproof and windproof

· Keeps in your body heat while also preserving your body temperature.

· Amazing lightweight, takes up nearly no space

· Small enough to fit in most first aid kits

· Individually packed

· Easy to Use

· Each one of them measures 84″ x 55″.

Get emergency blankets today as your most affordable and guaranteed insurance!

Each open blanket measures 84″x 55″, pack of 20, includes 18 double-sided silver blankets and 2 gold blanket, individually packed
Made of vacuum-metalized polyethylene material, retains 90% of the body heat
Amazing lightweight, pocket-size, small enough to fit in most first aid kits
High reflective, waterproof and windproof, provides compact emergency protection in all weather condition
Emergency rescue essentials for survival, outdoors, camping, hiking, running, disaster, earthquake, winter, cold weather, etc


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