RUIJIA Survival Kit 12 in 1, Survival Gear Accessories Wise Outdoor Emergency Tactical Defense Equipment Tools, Emergency Gear for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Climbing, Fishing, Pefect Gifts for Family

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1. Make emergency preparation. Everyone can have an unexpected emergency. Whether in the forest or in the car, still like camping, hiking, fishing. So it’s necessary to put a first aid kit in the car, which can help you in an emergency

2. A cool and useful gift for the one you love. It’s a great gift for father’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas and birthday. Fathers, boyfriends and scouts who like adventure, hiking, camping, survival skills training. They will be happy to receive this Multi-Tool gift

1. Professional flashlight: heavy, compact flashlight

2. Military Knife: high quality survival sabre, suitable for any purpose

3. Survival Pen: made of tungsten steel, broken windows/glass, escape in case of emergency

4. Compact wood cutter: used for cutting wood and other materials

5. First aid blanket: it is very important to prevent hypothermia, because it can keep 90% of the body temperature

6. 11 in 1 multifunctional pocket card: can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, bottle cap can opener, saw blade, etc

7. Large iron cerium bar flint with striker: 5 / 16 inch (8mm) thick cerium bar can be hit 12000 times at most. Sparks can be splashed at 5500 degrees Fahrenheit (3000 degrees Celsius) to ignite the flame in any weather (even if wet) and at any altitude

8. Paracord Bracelet: 5-in-1 survival Bracelet provides a second line of defense for your safety

9. Compact and durable suitcase

10. Water bottle clamp: simple and firm way to handle water bottles

11. Carbiner: aluminum buckle D-type buckle bag, key clip

12. Whistle

Must-Have Survival Gear Set – 12 in 1 Professional personal emergency survival kits. Containing: Professional Flashlight light, Military Knife weapons, Survival Pen, Compact Wood Cutter, Wearable Emergency Blanket, Multi-Function Pocket Card, Ferrocerium rod flint with striker, Paracord Bracelet with the compass, Water Bottle Clip, Carabiner, Whistle and Durable Carrying Case.
Lightweight & Convenient – Proper size easy to carry, Dimensions is 7.5 X 4.8 X 2 inch and weight 1.1 Pounds. This extremely useful essentials kit can be placed in a backpack, car, drawers, pocket or pouch, or securely attached with included ranger band to your belt, rucksack strap, climbing gear or mountain bike.
Prepare for Various Emergencies – Survival kit for hunting, backpacking, camping, hiking, climbing, boating, adventures, survival and emergency situations, natural disaster preparation for earthquake, hurricane, snow, storm, etc. Or putting in snowmobile, car, truck just in case of emergency or natural disaster.
Give You Sense of Security – Contains all kinds of super cool and super practical ultralight gadgets and tools. It gives you enough security when you explore outdoors. No matter you are lost in the wild, need to make a fire starter, cold or rain, it is not a problem. This is the equipment you need in the wild supplies.
Perfect Gift for Survivor – 12 in 1 Survival Kit has many practical accessories. It’s a perfect emergencia gift for kids, teens, women, men and dad stuffers prepper wilderness. It can help you cook in the wild, and it can be used as the first aid to help you survive disasters, storms, tsunamis, volcanoes and even the threat of doomsday.


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