7 Non-Lethal Weapons For Self-Defense

If you choose to carry a non-lethal weapon for self-defense, what are your options? As personal safety is of utmost priority, give these weapons a look.

Non-Lethal Weapons to Keep You Safe

There are several reasons to purchase and train with non-lethal weapons.

In addition to (or instead of) firearms, these are great tools to keep on-hand to fend off intruders and attackers.

If you choose not to carry a gun or are restricted from doing so, there is no reason you should not be able to defend yourself.

There is also the argument that not all crimes are deserving of a death sentence. Sometimes, non-lethal force is the appropriate response.

There are some incredibly effective and even multi-use weapons on the market that can give you the opportunity to escape, and buy time so that your attacker is apprehended.

Keep in Mind, Any Force Can be Deadly

While these weapons are described as “non-lethal,” as with anything, they can easily become lethal depending on how they are used.

They are intended to cause harm but not to the same extent as a gun or knife.

You will also hear them referred to as less lethal, less-than-lethal, non-deadly, compliance, or pain-inducing weapons.

If you injure or kill someone with a less-lethal weapon, you can still be held responsible in a court of law.

It is incredibly important that you train on and practice proper use of these weapons to avoid turning them into lethal weapons.

1. StrikePen


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The StrikePen is one of the most versatile tools on this list.

It comes with tooltips that include a ballpoint pen, LED flashlight, knife, flathead driver, HEX wrench, blade, and bottle opener.

It fits easily in your pocket and makes for an ideal non-lethal weapon if you find yourself in close quarters with a threat.

You can also use it to break glass if you need to escape.

2. Stun Gun

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Stun guns are a great option for those who prefer not to carry a gun.

You can use one to drop anyone to the ground and escape to safety.

They are small enough to fit in your pocket and are made with easy-to-handle grips.

3. Pepper Spray

Check out 7 Non-Lethal Weapons For Self-Defense at https://survivallife.com/7-non-lethal-weapons-for-self-defense/

Old faithful, pepper spray essentially blinds your attacker, allowing you to get away.

Depending on which brand you choose, you can shoot the spray as far as 6’ and send the threat to the hospital.

Just be careful about accidentally discharging the spray, as the effects are not enjoyable.

4. Tactical Whip


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Tactical whips can be attached to your belt, pocket, purse, or backpack for quick access.

Unlike knives, you can use any side of the whip to strike your threat. They are easily concealed and can deliver intense blows.

5. StrikeLight Tactical Torch


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Get the best of both worlds by carrying what is essentially a baseball bat-flashlight combo.

The LED flashlight is incredibly bright and has different modes, including a strobe effect.

If the strobe lighting doesn’t disorient your attacker, just use the device as a baton – you can even extend it 4 extra inches to increase your effectiveness.

6. Steel Baseball Bat

IMSHI Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Baseball Bat, Car Emergency Stick,Metal Baseball Bat (50CM)

  • Material: stainless steel + PP cotton.
  • Stainless steel material, not easy to change color.

Wooden bats can break and splinter at any time, so opt for a heavy steel defense bat at your home or place of work.

It’s a classic self-defense tool that continues to improve with time and technology.

7. HyperWhistle


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Not your ordinary whistle, the HyperWhistle is so loud that the user needs hearing protection and the sound can be heard from 2 miles away.

Chances are that your attacker will have to back off before ever laying a hand on you.

Non-lethal weapons are a great addition to your arsenal, as long as you know how to use them and feel comfortable with them.

No one tool will help you if you cannot confidently handle it in a stressful situation.

For those unable or unwilling to carry a firearm, there is a less-lethal option for every situation – do your research and pick up a few for your home, car, workplace, or purse.

What’s your go-to non-lethal weapon at the moment? Do share with us why you love it in the comments section!

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