5 Methods For Preserving Meats For Long Term Food Storage

The pandemic showed how helpless Individuals can be when foods begins functioning out on the cabinets. Be extra self-sufficient and geared up to protect your meat with these very long time period food storage solutions.

Lengthy Time period Food items Storage for Meat

When lockdown commenced to take condition and the grocery outlets started out emptying out, what built you the most anxious. Most individuals were being shaken far more by the empty meat cabinets than the empty bathroom paper cabinets. It turned blatantly noticeable, even to preppers, that we have to have a improved remedy for meat protein.

Obtaining extra meat and freezing it is constantly an selection. Hunting sounds superior, much too. Even now, we need a signifies of preserving meat in an off-grid scenario. What happens if that freezer dies and you have no way of powering it?

We are heading to glimpse at five solutions of meat preservation that can get the occupation completed when you do not have entry to a fridge or freezer. You really should not believe this is unattainable or even hard. We have been preserving our meat for Significantly for a longer period than we have been throwing it into a freezer.

1. Curing

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Applying salt to take away the humidity from meats is 1 of the oldest solutions of preservation. The Egyptians employed salt to remedy meats. This system works very best with lesser cuts of meat which make it possible for the salt to penetrate the meat properly.

Masking meat in salt for just 24 several hours can produce a really hard outer shell that will secure the meat considerably additional than just leaving it as is.

2. Dehydrating


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Several preppers have a dehydrator. These gadgets use heat and airflow to remove moisture from food items. You can dehydrate meat and the most well known observe for this is the development of jerky. This is the method of chopping thin strips of meat and commonly marinating them in some type of salty marinade.

Your meat should really be incredibly clean, and you need to dehydrate it for at the very least 6 hrs to get the meat to a minimal degree of dryness. Most jerky need to get all night to dehydrate comprehensively.

You can pack your jerky in mylar with an oxygen absorber for most shelf everyday living.

3. Smoking

Smoking | Methods for Preserving Meats for Long Term Food Storage

Smoking cigarettes is almost certainly the oldest implies of preserving meat and a great system for extended time period food items storage. The warmth and the smoke both act as a implies of getting rid of moisture and even lightly cooking the meat. Points like smoked fish are certainly scrumptious and can be appreciated for times if smoked extensively.

We enjoy a great deal of smoked meats in the existing working day like smoked salmon, bacon and hams.

If you have a smoker, that is fantastic, and it can go a long way. On the other hand, you can establish a very simple primitive smoker by developing a tripod from some branches and affixing “shelves” to it making use of some paracord or Bankline.

These need to be little branches that are tied in between the 3 sticks as if you were being striving to generate the define of a triangle. Then you lay modest sticks above your new triangle shelves to make a grate for hanging your meat or fish. It also helps to brine meat or fish the evening just before.

4. Salting and Hanging

Salting and Hanging | Methods for Preserving Meats for Long Term Food Storage

The course of action of salting and hanging meat is extremely effective and can perform on big cuts of meat but it usually takes some organizing. The most popular salted and hung meat is Virginia ham. This ham is dried in excess of six months or more and you can emulate the system at house.

In most climates, you are likely to be combating the weather conditions. If you cling your ham in February by the time June rolls all-around you will probably have a big ball of mould. Nonetheless, if you hold your meat all-around late September, it ought to be prepared by March. This offers you a large amount of time to prevent those people significant heat temps that will spoil the meat.

Significant cuts of meat like hams and shoulders need to be salted in a huge unscented trash bag for 30 times. Rinse the meat and pour some brandy or bourbon around it. Wrap the meat in cheesecloth, a chef coat or a bistro apron and hold it in a garage somewhere.

Leave it on your own.

Just after about a few months, you can acquire a search and trim absent any mold that has amassed.

5. Canning

Canning | Methods for Preserving Meats for Long Term Food Storage

A person of the most well-known procedures of meat conservation and long phrase foods storage is through the canning system. This course of action will allow you to get set up cooked meats for up to a yr! It sits correct there on your shelf. That is outstanding.


If you are likely to can meat, you want a recipe book that you rely on and do pressure cooking. You could make anyone in your homesick or even kill them if you give them spoiled meat that was canned improperly. It is not the similar as canning tomato sauce.

Begin With These

As humans, we are likely to make significantly ado about very little. I was experienced as a chef, so meat preservation was constantly one thing I understood. We have only experienced local climate-managed food stuff storage for around 200 several years. That signifies we have been preserving foods for the vast majority of our time as humans.

You will figure this out. I promise you.

It is anything new and the additional you do it the far more comfy it will turn into.

If you are genuinely involved about grid down meat preservation, start off making the adhering to objects on a common basis:

  • Canned Hen
  • Remedied and Dried Ham
  • Smoked Salmon Sweet (trust me)
  • Salt Pork

These are four good ways to apply meat preservation consistently.

What&#8217s your go-to extended time period food stuff storage and preservation system? Tell us why in the responses part!

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