Street Survival Skills: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Modern Survival

Price: $21.95 - $19.76

“After the economic collapse of Argentina, Fernando Aguirre got to see fist-hand what worked and what didn’t when it came to Urban Survival and Preparedness. The hyperinflation and riots were bad, but the daily crime, violence, corruption and failing infrastructure people had to endure for years afterwards was a lot worse. Based on his experience, Fernando explains in this book different tips, tricks and tactics that work when everything else fails.”-“Street Survival Skills” focuses on the practical side of preparedness: Awareness. Home and street security. Everyday carry. Blackouts. Survival kits and weapons. How to fight with a gun, knife, bare hands or improvised weapons. How to respond against a terrorist or mass shooter, barricade doors or how to breach them. How to stop a bleeding and carry a casualty. Defensive Driving. Food, cooking, home remedies and many others practical skills you definitely want to know when times get tough!As a practical urban survival skills manual or as complement to Fernando’s first book “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse”, “Street Survival Skills” is a must-have book in your preparedness bookshelf. –

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